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Unravel the mysteries of pathologies and health care methods step by step, turning complex concepts into understandable insights. ABG Ninja is free, approachable, fun, and easy to use.

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Learn by repetition and variety. Improve your patient analysis and assessment through infinite-question quizzes that help you learn, memorize, and conquer complex medical concepts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ABG Ninja?

ABG Ninja is a free, interactive learning tool for health care professionals and students. Its mission is to help you learn and memorize medical assessment methods, analysis, and scoring instruments through fun, interactivity, and exploration.

Who is ABG Ninja for?

ABG Ninja is designed to be equally useful to students and working professionals. My background and passion is critical care. The site has received praise from doctors, nurses, paramedics, respiratory therapists, veterinarians, dentists, and physiotherapists.

How are the quizzes generated?

The questions and answers are generated randomly, every time. It should be pretty rare to get the same question twice. Each quiz approaches its topic with multiple modalities, leveraging many different pedagogic techniques.

Can I use ABG Ninja as an instructional tool?

Yes! ABG Ninja is free to use for everyone. You can use it to teach your students, or to help yourself learn. You need no special permission to use ABG Ninja in your classroom, but I always enjoy an email letting me know how you're using it (mostly because it makes me feel good).

Can I get a completion certificate?

There are no certificates for completing quizzes. As part of the commitment to your privacy, ABG Ninja does not track your progress or store any information about you.

Patient analysis and assessment practice for everyone.

Build confidence and understanding of a wide array of medical methods with our randomly-generated, interactive quizzes. ABG Ninja is fun, effective, and 100% free.