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The quizzes are free
Knowledge and understanding should always be free. I'm just a guy who loves medicine and building things. This site will always be free.
If you found these tools helpful, or if you are using them as part of a course, consider sending me an email. Those emails are what make running this site worthwhile.
That said, it costs me a lot of money to run this site; the server fees alone are more than $1,500 a year. I deeply appreciate donations to help keep the site running. You can donate through Buy Me A Coffee, an ethical company that shares my commitment to your privacy.
This site was built to help

Each tool was first created to help me learn or memorize a concept. If they helped me, hopefully they'll help you too.

These are self-generating interactive quizzes

Values, questions, and answer choices are always randomly generated, so it should be pretty rare to get the exact same question twice.

Use the quizzes for teaching
You may use these quizzes as a teaching tool for any course.
Sending an email to let me know helps me improve the tools (and it makes me feel good).
I love hearing ideas for new quizzes

Many of these quizzes were created by request. If you've struggled with a concept, email me—I might be able to help!

This site proudly runs on FreeBSD

It lives in NetActuate. They're really good people and their infrastructure is solid. They've been great to me.