I am not a lawyer
Everything on this page is a best attempt to explain information. If you want clarification on anything, just ask.

This website is encrypted via TLS. You should use TLS whenever a website makes it available!

Privacy and anonymity are incredibly important to me
I don't want websites collecting any infomation on me that I don't intentionally give, and so I do not collect any information on you.

Collected data
The only captured data are the defaults in nginx's version of Apache's combined log format. This means your IP address, which webpage you used, which browser you're using, the date and time, and occasionally which website you came from. This is the minimum data that nearly all websites collect.
These data are not shared with anybody! The only circumstance under which these data would be shared with anybody else is when required by law or subpoena, though I cannot imagine why that'd happen.
No attempt is made to track which answers you submit, or whether they were right or wrong. No identifying information is collected, and your progress through the quizzes is not tracked.

Some of the quizzes have settings that you can configure. When you select new settings, those new settings are stored in a cookie. This is not a tracking cookie! The contents of the cookie are not encrypted or encoded, so that you can see exactly what is in there. The cookie is set to expire from your browser every time your browser is restarted.

No advertisments or tracking
This website serves no ads, and never interfaces with external tracking and analytics systems. I do not make any money off of this website; in fact, it costs me hundreds of dollars a year to operate it.

External scripts
The last section notwithstanding, this website does make use of common website tools and scripts like Materialize, and Font Awesome. Most are bundled and served locally, but a few are served from CDNs. I cannot control whether those CDNs collect any data.