Appearance help_outline

Trunk is pink, but hands are blue

Pulse help_outline

Heart rate is 70

Grimace help_outline

Baby has no reaction to stimulation

Activity help_outline

Baby is floppy

Respiration help_outline

Baby cries loudly

Appearance close

0: Centrally cyanotic
1: Acrocyanotic
2: Normal colour

Pulse close

0: No pulse
1: Heart rate low (< 100)
2: Heart rate normal (≥ 100)

Grimace close

0: No response to stimulation
1: Grimaces when stimulated
2: Cries when stimulated

Activity close

0: Atonic
1: Slight limb flexion
2: Spontaneous movement

Respiration close

0: No respirations
1: Poor respiratory effort
2: Normal respirations

APGAR score